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The Beginning….

Hey y’all! I’m Abra Lee and welcome to Conquer The Soil a place for fashionable people that like plants, and just want things to look good! Here we’re gonna give you tea on all the-- Garden. Fashion. Culture. --your heart can handle. I don’t know about you, but for me nature can be intimidating. And that’s okay because you don’t have to be a “gardener” to create a thriving and stylish outdoor (or indoor) space. You do have to be empowered with knowledge in the art and science of Horticulture.

All those fancy terms in the ornamental (decorative) side of the plant world make you feel overwhelmed. Words like: ephemeral, biennial, perennial, propagation, botanical latin, etc. They leave you confused, discouraged, and left out of the conversation. Trust and believe I feel your pain. While no one in gardening experiences it all, I’ve darn sure experienced a lot. At times, earning my degree in Horticulture from Auburn University got challenging. Fortunately my parents, professors, and mentors kept me encouraged. I will do the same for you, providing that little push and clarity to help step up your garden game. Conquer The Soil aims to remove all barriers, breaking everything down into simple explanations. You will no longer have fear, just wisdom and ideas to go plant and create!

I grew up in the South where you learn quite a bit about hospitality, self-expression, ambition, growth, and resilience. All these qualities directly impact how your outdoor/indoor space is curated for yourself and received by others. I am a native and resident of Atlanta, a city whose history and culture has worldwide reach. Though I owe much credit for my professional success to my parents and Southern upbringing, I will never forget my roots and that my original plant schooling came straight out the country. On weekends while growing up, we would go down the dirt road to my Mama’s childhood home in Barnesville, Georgia and visit my family’s rural farm. Here, my aunts and uncles, taught me about respect for nature, love, generosity, design, attention to detail, humility, failure, and acceptance. They defined and exemplified garden luxury and were stylish while working outdoors.

Throughout my almost twenty year career in horticulture; I’ve been landscape manager for two international airports; worked on estates and commercial properties; speak regularly for garden events; write a column; done work in the public and private sector; and a whole lot more. Above all, I love teaching and working with fabulous everyday people. It is you who inspires me! I have seen and done some pretty cool things and am eager to share this knowledge with you.

This garden game is one big ol’ lifetime experiment and you have to figure out what works for you. Maybe you are here for the free content. Or, maybe you want something more in depth and will invest in some of the online garden classes and fashionable products our team is putting together. Either way, I am grateful you are here and I want you to win. So come as you are, get comfortable, enjoy yourself, and be empowered to Conquer The Soil!

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